Brand New HR Partner
who really understands technology

Finding talent in IT • Design • Digital • Sales&Marketing

With us

Our team consists of IT, Design, Digital and Sales&Marketing specialists
Senior and Lead levels
Know where
We use more than 15 resources to search for stars
Experts in the subject
We speak one language with the candidates
Determine correct level of skills
We look at the portfolio, examine the experience, ask the right questions, check the repository and read the code.

...and so

Analytics and Research
We will specify the needs of your business in new staff, define job profiles and levels of motivation.
Find Candidates
Select specialists according to the brief, conduct initial interviews, selection interviews and test tasks.
Choose the Best
We will provide successful candidates in a convenient format, collect feedback and recommendations from former employers. If necessary, we will conduct joint final interviews with you.
We will Prepare an Offer and Control the Employee Sign In.
We will give the final candidate your job offer, agree on the release date and conditions. We will control the exit to work.

...everything is

No Prepayment
We start the search immediately after the briefing, the signing of the contract and the application for selection.
Find The One
No restrictions on the number of candidates provided
If the candidate did not come up or left the company on probation
Service commission 15%
From the employee's annual income. After the employee leaves for work, we sign the acceptance certificate and you pay for the services.
Скидка 20,000₽
на первую вакансию